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Egg-Ed is a BEES UK Subsidiary

Using eggs to educate! Experience the excitement of hatching eggs or look after a Pygmy Hedgehog. Favoured by Early Years Practitioners, these exciting animal education projects have become popular amongst schools and care homes and even hobbyists, across Devon and Cornwall, offering effective, engaging, education and supporting teachers and carers with creative learning ideas. Wraparound packages work alongside the National Curriculum. Endorsed by Mick Waters (former director of Curriculum QCA). Egg-Ed work spans nearly 20 years. Egg-Ed also provides therapy sessions, animal lectures and phobia sessions.

About Egg-Ed

For two decades, Egg-Ed has been delivering animal education to nurseries, schools and care homes across Devon and Cornwall. It uses eggs and the hatching process to help people to engage in meaningful, nurturing activity.

Egg-Ed provides all of the equipment needed for carers to hatch rare breed chicks, which they then look after for a week before they are returned to the farm for raising. We can also supply pygmy hedgehogs and tortoises for other educational projects, all tailored to support the curriculum.

Drawing upon our extensive experience, Egg-Ed offers therapy and phobia sessions, and animal lectures, and works with those who want to continue caring for the chicks after they’ve hatched. Endorsed by Mick Waters (former director of Curriculum QCA), we have earned the support and acclaim of Early Years Practioners across the region (see testimonials for further details).

Egg-Ed – using eggs to educate!

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