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"When we first got there we screamed and moaned, we was not impressed! The first day was awful we were out for comfort zones! No telly, outside toilets, the shower was a watering can on piece of string! We didn't even have signal! But as the days went on I'm not going to lie I personally made tons of mistakes.

I don't think I've fallen out so many times in three days but to be honest I learned so much, socially, physically and just how lucky we are. Literally no matter how much people tell you things you won't fully accept them like, everyone says teamwork is key. Before the residential I used to think "stuff this I'm independent" but when you're in a small environment with people that you normally wouldn't choose to be around, you have to work together and get along.

Before the residential and so much in my head that I just buried and put to the back of my mind. I was going to carry on like that but being in that basic place with no distractions just leaves you vulnerable. It is horrible, almost being forced to face your Demons. I can honestly say I'm so glad I put myself through it. I matured and learnt so much, it was just an amazing place to clear your head and sort yourself out.

To be honest I would do it again, it actually was the best experience I've ever had. I've been on holiday 14 times and nothing compares to the experience I had here. One of the most important things I learned was everyone perceives things differently to what you do. There was two different instances where I thought "I don't care I'm right" I was pigheaded and ignorant.

The first incident I was being an idiot and messing about, I wasn't thinking about how the other person felt. I wasn't thinking about what I was doing and I hurt them physically. I didn't accept it straight away because I was still only considering my own opinion. I didn't realise what I'd done until after when I was thinking about it and how it made them feel.

I still hadn't learned my lesson yet. I allowed other people to get me into a full blown argument with one of my best friends. Thinking back it was all over something that doesn't even cost 50p. We were so horrible. The thought that someone I care about a lot took something off me meant that over exaggerated and that person was reduced to tears. I felt horrible that I had done that to them so swallow my pride and apologised. I now look back and feel so disappointed in myself but honestly it's what I needed.

That residential was what I needed and I'm so glad I went on it."